March 31, 2005

Honeymoon: The Alternate Version

HMLookingDwon.jpgThe Citrus Moon is another fun variation on Honeymoon in Knitty. Its a little simpler than the first version with a shorter, clingier fit and simple ribbing. The armscyes on this version are Vs, making the front and back Vs and the armscyes identical. This creates a tighter fit in the arms than the original, so if youre particularly ample, Honeymoon might be a better bet. The straps on this version are wider, making it easier to get a bra with straps underneath. The final difference is the stripes loud, colorful and fun. This is the dressed down version of the cami, for play days on the beach.

Ive tried to be helpful by including ten sizes for you to choose from. The sizing is based on a standard difference of approximately 4 inches between the bust and waist measurement. I realize that some people are going to be bustier, or have smaller waists, etc. Choose the size that is closest to your measurements below. For ideas on how to tailor the camisole to be closer to your personal measurements, please check out my Honeymoon FAQs post and talk to the helpful folks on the Knitty Board. The ladies over there have experience with knit to fit for the chesty lass (not me!).

To fit bust: 31[31.5,32.5,34,35,35.5,36.5,38,39,39.5] inches
To fit waist: 26.5[27.5,28,30,30.5,31.5,32, 33.5, 34.5, 35.5] inches

Chest: 29[29.5, 30.5, 32, 33, 33.5,34.5, 36, 37, 37.5]
Waist: 25.5[26.5, 27, 29, 29.5, 30.5, 31, 33, 33.5, 34.5]
Length(not including straps): 16[16,16.5,17,17,18,18,18.5,19,19] inches

Cascade Pima Tencel [50% pima cotton, 50% tencel; 109 yd per 50g skein]; colors: Orange(3183) 2[3,3,3,3,3,3,4,4,4] skeins; Red (7478) Purple (2493), Green (4084) 1[1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2] skeins each. I used the leftovers from my Anouk baby dress, but there are many good substitutes out there. Go to my Honeymoon FAQs post for a list of yarns that other knitters have used.

The camisole can be made in a single color for simplicity, or in any striping pattern that you like. Yarn amounts are listed for the striping pattern that I used, so if you use a solid color or only two colors, you will need less yardage. (I leave that estimation to you!) To make your cami like mine, use the orange for the bottom ribbing and then *work 4 rounds in orange, 2 rounds in purple, 3 rounds in red, 2 rounds in green*. Repeat this sequence throughout the work.

1 set 24 inch US5/3.75mm circular needles
1 set 24 inch US6/4mm circular needles
1 set US6/4mm straight needles
optional: 1 set US 6/4mm double pointed needles (for straps)

4 stitch markers, 2 in one color and 2 in a second color
2-4 stitch holders
1-2 safety pins

20 sts/28 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch on larger needles


Rdec= make a left-slanting decrease on the right side of the work using the ssk method slip 2 sts from the left to right needle knitwise and then knit the two slipped sts together through the back loops.
Ldec= make a right-slanting decrease on the left side of the work by knitting 1 stitch, returning it to the left needle, passing the second stitch on the left needle over the returned stitch, and finally returning the first stitch to the right needle (w/o twisting it or knitting it again).
RRI= make a right raised increase. Reach the tip of the right needle around on the farside and insert it up under the purl nub below the first stitch on the left needle. Lift this stitch onto the left needle tip without twisting. Now knit the new stitch you created by lifting the purl nub.
LRI= make a left raised increase by knitting the stitch above the one that you will use to increase. Insert the tip of the left needle under the second purl nub below the stitch that you just knitted and pull up onto the left needle. Knit this new stitch created by the purl nub from the farside (if you knit it from the nearside it will twist and look wrong).

Using US5/3.75mm circular needles, CO 140[145,150,155,160,165,170,175,180,185] sts. Join knitting and place marker at the beginning of the first round this will mark the left armhole of the camisole. *k3, p2* to end of round. Repeat this round for a total of 11[11,13,13,13,15,15,15,17,17] rounds.

***Note: as designed, the camisole hits right at the waist, so if youre wearing low riders you will be showing belly. To avoid this (as I do by avoiding low riders!) add a few extra rounds to either the ribbing or the unshaped portion directly following the set-up rows, or both.***

Main Body:
Set-Up Round: Switch to US6/4mm circular needles and work in Stst, either increasing or decreasing sts as directed for your size: 0[-1,-2,1,0,-1,-2,1,0,1] sts evenly across the round. 140[144, 148, 156, 160, 164, 168, 176, 180, 184] sts remain.
Next Round: k70[72,74,78,80,82,84,88,90,92] sts, place the right armhole marker(this should be the same color as the left armhole marker already on the needles), k to end of round. Continue to work in Stst for 4 more rounds.

Shape Waist:
Begin decreasing at each side of the camisole to create waist shaping:

*k1, Rdec, k to last 3 sts before second marker, Ldec, k2 (one st on either side of the right armhole marker, Rdec, knit to last 3 sts in the round, Ldec*.

Decrease 4 sts total each round (one on each side of each marker) every 7th round, 3 times total. After the decreases you should have 128[132,136,144,148,152,156,164,168,172] sts on your needles. Work 13[13,13,15,15,15,15,17,17,17] rounds even in Stst without shaping.

Shape Bust:
Begin increasing at each side to create bust shaping:

*k1,RRI, k to the last st before second armhole marker, LRI, k2 (one st on either side of second marker) RRI, k to last st, LRI.*

Increase 4 sts each round (one on each side of each marker) every 5th round, 4 times. After the increases you should have 144[148,152,160,164,168,172,180,184,188] sts on your needles. Work even in Stst without shaping for 30[30,32,32,32,34,34,36,36,36] rounds.

Shape V-Neck and Back:
Begin V-shaping at neck, back and arms: 36[37,38,40,41,42,43,45,46,47], place contrasting marker to mark center front V, knit 72[74,76,80,82,84,86,90,92,94] place final contrasting marker to mark center back V, knit 36[37,38,40,41,42,43,45,46,47] to end of round.

Begin V-neck, back and arm decreases: k1, Ldec, k to 3 sts before marker, Rdec, k1 (you are now at the marker). Divide the work, and begin using straight needles to work the segment that you just knit, leaving the other three segments on the circular needles. Purl back across the work. On the next (RS) row k1, Ldec, k to 3 sts before marker, Rdec, k1. Repeat these two rows until only 6 sts remain on your needles. Place 6 remaining live stitches on a stitch holder. Repeat for remaining three segments.

After all four segments are done, try camisole on to estimate strap length. Somewhere between 2.5 and 4 inches (depending on size) should be right. Most likely, they will be shorter than youd guess. Make them shorter, rather than longer for a nice close fit. Work in stockinette, making a strap on each segment that is half the total length that you estimate you will need. When complete, use a three-needle bind-ff on the wrong side to complete.

Weave in loose ends and block as necessary, according to the instructions on your yarns ball band.

COPYRIGHT 2004, Julia P. Trice This pattern is protected by copyright and available for personal use only. It is not available for sale or distribution without the author's express permission.

Posted by Julia at March 31, 2005 09:26 PM
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Sleek sleek sleek! Fabby fabby wabby! I love this variation. And you, of course, look fabby fabby wabby.

Posted by: Ann at April 7, 2005 11:59 AM

Wow. I've been looking at the Honeymoon cami lately as a possible project, and I just love this updated version too! It's just gorgeous. Now I don't know which one to go with... haha. Thanks so much for posting this!

Posted by: Missy at April 4, 2005 05:30 PM

I love it but I'm not sure shorter and clingier is in my windshield as much as it's in the rear view mirror. I look forward to seeing it on those who qualify!

Although, I'm short, and I'm clingy, so maybe there's some hope.....

xox Kay

Posted by: Kay at April 4, 2005 01:36 AM

Cute cute cute!! It's like the casual version of the original dressy one. I love the stripes too... a good option to use up leftovers from colorwork projects.
How great of you to provide such personalized sizing to give everyone a perfect fit.

Posted by: Emily at April 2, 2005 04:38 PM

Yea Julia!!! I love this version! I am going to do this one for my romantic anniversary getaway this summer...snaps to you girl!


Posted by: Nikki at April 1, 2005 02:25 PM

Thanks Amy! I was thinking about increasing the size on my Cami straps, so I may go and combine this with the original pattern!

Thanks again for such wonderful patterns!

Posted by: Alesia at April 1, 2005 02:21 PM

Julia, thanks for this! and thanks for the tips on adding length. I started my second Honeymoon last night... :)

Posted by: Carrie at April 1, 2005 11:43 AM

Whoo-hoo!! Thank you so much! And it's so cool (and nice because obviously that's a lot of work) that you included so many different sizes!!

Posted by: Steph at April 1, 2005 02:17 AM

Your moons got away from me last summer, but not this time! I have my eye on yarn already...

Posted by: jenny at April 1, 2005 12:23 AM

Hi Julia,

The new cami is gorgeous, but I wouldn't expect anything different from you. :) I love the fun colors and how it fits.


Posted by: Amy at March 31, 2005 11:04 PM

Both versions are amazing. I love the fun stripes of this one, but the simple white is striking on you. Thanks for the great patterns :)

Posted by: Vicki at March 31, 2005 10:54 PM